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OlympicForce™ Knee Sleeves

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7mm Neoprene Support For Compression During Olympic Bar Weightlifting - Squats, Deadlifts, CrossFit & Other Exercises. 1 Year Warranty. 1 Pair (5 Sizes)

Take your squats & deadlifts to the next level with this premium compression knee sleeve! Provides stabilizing support to reduce pain and speed recovery.

Want to push your limits in the gym or box—but worried about injury? Protect those knees with the OlympicForce Compression Knee Sleeve! Our heavy-duty wrap helps to stabilize the knee during intense lifting exercises and prevent serious injuries. At the same time, its graduated compression technology stimulates blood flow, helping to ease stiffness and discomfort during lifts and reduce or eliminate post-workout soreness. Whether you’re into powerlifting or Crossfit, this is one piece of gear you won’t want to do without!

And when it comes to quality, our sleeve is comparable to popular brands that cost much more. We use the best neoprene fabric with reinforced stitching to prevent tearing and fraying. PLUS, our sleeve has compression in all the right places, which helps keep it secure on your leg. It won’t roll down during your workout like competitor brands (which is SO annoying!).

Your purchase is also backed by our NO-RIP, NO-ROLL GUARANTEE.

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